LSJ/CHID 332 Disability and Society
Spring 2009

Lecture notes and materials

April 2, Language and stereotypes (Dennis) PowerPoint slides, 3Mb

April 7, Disability Models, Disability Studies, and Disability Rights Movement (Dennis) PP slides, 1.5M

April 9, Discrimination and empowerment, and recap of the models (Joanne) PP slides, 450kb

April 14, Stigma and identity (Dennis), PP slides, 500kb

April 16, History of disability (Joanne), PP slides, 4.5Mb

April 21, History of eugenics (Joanne), PP slides, 8.5Mb
Same lecture without the pictures, PP slides, 2.5Mb

April 23, Disability policies and rights (Joanne), PP slides, 2.2Mb

April 28 updated, Deaf history and culture (Lance Forshay), pdf, 17Mb

May 12, ADA, Universal Design, invisible disabilities (Joanne), PP slides, 3.9Mb

May 14, Who qualifies for rights? (Sherrie Brown), PP slides, 215kb

May 21, "A Spectrum of Disputes: Framing Autism Activism" (Michael Orsini), PP slides

May 26, Disability bioethics (Dennis), PP

May 28, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, PP
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