Weekly Schedule

When I am in town, I am usually on campus between 10 AM and 4 PM on Monday through Friday. However, my schedule during those hours is often booked months in advance, so it is not likely that I am available to schedule an individual one-on-one meeting. However, I am available for open office hours from 1-2 P.M. on Thursdays for the Fall 2016 quarter. You can request to meet with me during that time on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Planned Travel for 2016

  • March – Trip to Birmingham, Alabama for family visit
  • April 15th – Visit to Palo Alto, California for Stanford visit
  • April 20th – Visit to San Diego, California for UC San Diego visit
  • May 6th-12th – Visit to San Jose, California for WISH 2016 and CHI 2016
  • May 16th-18th – Visit to San Diego, California for Health Data Explorations Meeting & Quantified Self Public Health meeting
  • June 26th-30th – Visit to Watsonville, California for HCIC 2016
  • July 15th – Visit to San Diego, California for Health Data Explorations Summer Institute
  • August 18th – Visit to Portland, Oregon for Intel Science & Technology Center on Pervasive Computing final retreat
  • August 25th-September 5th – Visit to California for family trip and Disneyland Half Marathon
  • October 26th-29th – Visit to Irvine, California for TMCD 2016