Click the links below to see video clips of 'rat-robot' and 'mouse-weasel' interactions.

Rat's Foraging Behavior: Effects of Artificial Predator and Amygdala Lesions
Foraging baseline day 5
Robot encounter day 1 - Pre-amygdalar lesion
Robot-cam view of the foraging rat
Robot encounter day 2 - Post-amygdalar lesion

Approaching Entity Appears to be an Innate Indicator (i.e., Sign Stimulus) of Danger
Robot's forward and backward motions differentially influence the rat

Foraging Under Conditional Threat
Rats prefer chocolate pellet over regular pellet (10 baseline trials)
Conditional threat to chocolate pellet (5 baseline trials followed by Robogator trials)
Post-amygdalar lesions (5 baseline trials followed by Robogator trials)

Mouse Foraging Behavior: Effects of Weasel
Weasel encounter test