T H E   S E A M Y   S I D E   O F   T H E   R U S S I A N   S I L V E R   A G E
James West
   Padelford Hall 210A
   Phone: 543-4829
Regular office hours this quarter will be:

- Tuesday, 1:30 - 2:30
- Thursday, 12.30-1.30
Please feel free to email or telephone me to make appointments at other times, or to continue discussions from class. Classes, meetings and library work take me out of my office for a large part of every day, and the department can't afford voice mail for faculty, so email is a more reliable channel than the telephone.

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Papers: A midterm paper (6 - 8 pages, 40% of course grade) is due on the Monday of Week 6, and a final paper (8 - 10 pages, 50% of grade) on Thursday 14 Dec. You can turn in your papers as email attachments by midnight on the due day, with a hard copy for the midterm at the next class meeting. We'll develop paper topics during class discussions.

For the midterm you will initially be given a provisional grade, that can be improved by some rewriting following discussion of the first draft.

Participation in class discussion counts for the remaining 10% of the course grade.

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