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October 2000

TOD information compiled by the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Description of TOD activities in the San Francisco Bay Area, by the League of Women Voters of the Bay Area

August 2000

New website on Transit-Oriented Communities by the Puget Sound Regional Council in the Seattle area

Learn about the TOD being developed at BART's Fruitvale Station in Oakland, California at the Unity Council's website.

Article entitled "Transit-Oriented Development in the Inner City: A Delphi Survey", by Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris,  has been published in the Journal of Public Transportation, 3:2, 2000, pp 75-98.

Chapter 9 (A New Kind of Minicity) from the book by Garrison and Ward entitled Tomorrow's Transportation is available. A minicity is something like a super-TOD. Comments are welcome.

Infomation about station area planning in Seattle, city-wide vision and individual station areas.

July 2000

Link to an oped piece about Orenco Station in Portland, Oregon

May 2000

Link to a description of the Hiawatha/Lake Street TOD Master Plan in Minneapolis, Minnesota (look under "projects").

April 2000

Link to Research Papers on the TOD concept

March 2000

Description of the Richmond Transit Village as designed by Calthorpe and Associates (look under "projects").

Link to a new TOD website developed by King County (Seattle), Washington

Link to website that describes a regional-scale TOD in the New York-New Jersey area. It features a Linear City concept

February, 2000 

Nationwide review (includes case studies in 10 cities) of the TOD concept by the City of Seattle

Article by Anthony Downs entitled Some Realities about Sprawl and Urban Decline, 1999, 20 pp.

Newspaper article about TOD activity in Charlotte, N.Carolina

Puget Sound Regional Conference publishes a Transit-Oriented Development Workbook entitled Creating Transit Station Communities in the Central Puget Sound Region

January, 2000 

TOD activity in Seattle encountering difficulties

December, 1999 

TOD failures in Sacramento

November, 1999 

Light rail route and station locations approved by Sound Transit Board in Seattle - includes map of rail line and station locations.

October, 1999

Seattle sorting out rail station-area development ideas - article in the Daily Journal of Commerce

A research study entitled Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Rail Transit is now underway.

A paper entitled Transit Stations and Commercial Property Values: A Case Study with Policy and Land-Use Implications has been published in the Journal of Public Transportation, 2:3, 1999, pp 77-96. To obtain a copy, see the CUTR website.

September, 1999 

Link to information about the Lindbergh Center TOD project which will be constructed around a MARTA station in Atlanta. A paper has recently been published in the Journal of Public Transportation entitled Assessing Transit Station Area Redevelopment: A Case Study of the Lindbergh Station in Atlanta. See the Atlanta page for more details.

August, 1999

News about The Round, a $100 million TFD project in Beaverton, Oregon. It is having significant difficulties. A follow-up story published in July is also available.

Text of a presentation made by Emory Bundy of Seattle at the conference entitled Sprawl and Congestion: Are Light Rail, High Density Living and Transit-Oriented Development the Answer? A written report from this conference is in preparation.

July, 1999

Article giving update on the Fruitvale TFD project in Oakland, California, adjacent to a BART station, estimated to cost about $100 million

June, 1999

Workshop: Real Estate Development at Transit Stations: Seizing the Opportunity, Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, Seattle, WA, June 18, 1999 Contact Ned Conroy at 206-587-5670 for details.

May, 1999

Forum on Sprawl and Congestion: Are Light Rail, High Density Living and "Transit-Oriented Development" the Answer?, Colorado Springs, June 16-17, 1999.

Advanced Transit in the heart of Orange County : The CenterLine Proposal

April, 1999

TOD Seminar planned for Seattle, June 18, 1999.

Urban Land Institute conference Place Making: Developing Town Centers, Transit Villages and Main Streets, Chicago, June 2-3, 1999. Phone 800-321-5011 for copies of the brochure.

Some information from Houston, Texas has been added.

Last modified: April 20, 2002