Green Team Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Sun Room, Plaza 3rd Floor

Call to order and introductions . . . anyone new?

Approval of June 2012 Minutes (distributed via e-mail months ago) - Please Review before meeting

Approval of Treasurer’s Report (current update) – Gloria Biow


a) Recycling Sub-team -- Bunny Hirtzel

    Progress on Recycle/Garbage Rooms

   (Plaza, Court, color-coded cans, small white buckets, job description for monitors)


    Updating “Odds & Ends”

b) Resources Sub-team

    Energy Trust  Pilot and Follow-Up --- Jerry Schneider

c) Outreach Sub-team -- Len Greger

   Booklet for New Residents

d) Miscellaneous Efforts: (ink cartridges) -- Vernon Huffer

   Plastic bags -- Wilbur Gregory

   Pharmaceuticals -- Gerald Pires

e) Willamette View staff/administrators -- Sam

   Meeting with Oak Grove Disposal Co.

  f) Update by chairperson -- Marian Rauch

      Summer activities (Sustainability Tour, Cracked  Pots trip, ET Pilot, 2 meetings with GT Ldrs)

      Administrative liaison change: Mark is gone; Glen Whalen taking over now

      Concerns identified: construction waste, kitchen recycling & waste, sustainability statement needs    
       to be transformed into practices

Out of town from Sept. 22 to Oct. 16 – Winnie in charge

New Business

Nominating Committee – Winnie

WV Web Site – Shirley Leung

Additional comments, concerns???

Adjourn – 11 a.m. (or sooner?)

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