Green Team Meeting Agenda

October 10, 2012 - 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Sun Room, Plaza 3rd Floor

  1. Call to order and introductions . . . any guests?

  1. Approval of September 2012 Minutes (distributed via e-mail earlier) Please Review before mtg.

Treasurer’s Report – Gloria Biow

  1. Reports

a) Recycling Sub-team -- BunnyHirtzel

b) Resources Sub-team  -- Jerry Schneider

c) Outreach Sub-team -- Len Greger

d) Miscellaneous Efforts: (Collection of Rx Meds) -- Gerald Pires

(plastic bags- update) -- Wilbur Gregory

(refundable recyclables) -- (Harold Black)

d) Willamette View staff & administrators -- Glen Whalen

f) Update by Vice-chair Winnie Thomas

Nominations Committee –

  4. New Business

            Looking at the scope of our concerns, bringing in new ideas. See handout.

            Web Page

            Coordinating with Carousel

            Extending our Reuse Efforts

           Used building supplies

            Free Geek and Electronics

            Used cell phones

            Energy Trust.of Oregon

Adjourn – 11 a.m.

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