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Lingappa Lab Publications:

  • Klein KC, Reed JC, Tanaka M, Nguyen V, Giri S, and Lingappa JR.   HIV Gag-Leucine zipper chimeras form ABCE1-containing intermediates and RNAse-resistant immature capsids similar to those formed by wild-type HIV-1 Gag.  Journal of Virology, 2011 Jul;85(14):7419-35. [Download]

  • Okeoma, C.M., Huegel, A.L., Lingappa, J., Feldmann, M.D., Ross, S.R. APOBEC3 proteins expressed in mammary epithelial cells are packaged into retroviruses and can restrict transmission of milk-borne virions. Cell Host Microbe 8(6):534-43, 2010. [Download]

  • Thielen, BK, McNevin, JP, McElrath JM, Vander Stoep Hunt, B, Klein, KC, and Lingappa, JR. Innate immune signaling induces high levels of TC-specific deaminase activity in primary monocyte-derived cells through exression of APOBEC3A isoforms. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285(36): 27753-27766, 2010. [Article]

  • Lingappa JR and Thielen BK. Assembly of immature HIV-1 capsids using a cell-free system. Methods in Molecular Biology 489: 185-95, 2009. PMCID2678559 [Article]

  • Klein KC, Reed JC, and Lingappa JR. Intracellular destinies: degradation, targeting, assembly, and endocytosis of HIV Gag. AIDS Reviews. 2007 Jul-Sep;9(3):150-61. [Abstract]

  • Thielen BK, Klein KC, Walker LW, Rieck M, Buckner JH, Tomblingson GW, and Lingappa JR. T cells contain an RNase-insensitive inhibitor of APOBEC3G deaminase activity. PLoS Pathogens, 2007 Sep 21;3(9):1320-34. [Article]

  • Dooher, Julia E., Schneider, Bobbie L., Reed, Jonathan C. & Lingappa, Jaisri R. (2006) Host ABCE1 is at plasma membrane HIV assembly sites and its dissociation from Gag is linked to subsequent events of virus production. Traffic. 2007 Mar; 8(3):195-211[Abstract]

  • Lingappa JR, Dooher JE, Newman MA, Kiser PK, Klein KC. Basic residues in the nucleocapsid domain of Gag are required for interaction of HIV-1 Gag with ABCE1 (HP68), a cellular protein important for HIV-1 capsid assembly. J Biol Chem. 2006 Feb 17;281(7):3773-84. [Abstract]

  • Klein, K. C., S. R. Dellos, and J. R. Lingappa. Identification of residues in the core protein that are critical for assembly of hepatitis C virus capsids using a cell-free system. Journal of Virology. 2005 Jun;79(11):6814-26. Erratum in: J Virol. 2005 Aug;79(15):10098. [Article]

  • Lingappa, V. R. and J. R. Lingappa. Recent insights into biological regulation from cell-free protein synthesizing systems. Mt Sinai J Med. 2005 May;72(3):141-60. [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Newman, E. N. C., K. N. Holmes, K.C Klein, J. R. Lingappa, M. H. Malim, and A. M. Sheehy. The anti-viral function of APOBEC3G can be dissociated from its cytidine deaminase activity, Current Biology 15: 166-170, 2005. [Article]

  • Lingappa, J. R., M. A. Newman, K. C. Klein, and J. E. Dooher. Comparing capsid assembly of primate lentiviruses and hepatitis B virus using cell-free systems. Virology 333: 114-123, 2005. [Article]

  • Dooher, J. E., M. Pineda, J. Overbaugh, and J. R. Lingappa. Characterization of virus infectivity and cell-free capsid assembly of SIVmneCL8 and SIVmac239. Journal of Medical Primatology, 33: 262-271, 2004. [Article]

  • Dooher, J. E. and J. R. Lingappa. Cell-free capsid assembly of primate lentiviruses from three different lineages. Journal of Medical Primatology, 33: 272-280, 2004. [Article]

  • Klein KC, Polyak SJ, Lingappa JR. Unique features of hepatitis C virus capsid formation revealed by de novo cell-free assembly. J Virol. 2004 Sep;78(17):9257-69. [Article]

  • Dooher JE, Lingappa JR. Conservation of a step-wise, energy-sensitive pathway involving HP68 for assembly of primate lentiviral capsids in cells. Journal of Virology, 78: 1645-1656, 2004. [Article]

  • Zimmerman C, Klein KC, Kiser PK, Singh AR, Firestein BL, Riba SC, Lingappa JR. Identification of a host protein essential for assembly of immature HIV-1 capsids. Nature. 415(6867): 88-92, Jan 2002 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Singh AR, Hill RL, Lingappa JR. Effect of mutations in Gag on assembly of immature human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsids in a cell-free system. Virology. 279(1): 257-70, Jan 2001 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Lingappa JR, Hill RL, Wong ML, Hegde RS. A multistep, ATP-dependent pathway for assembly of human immunodeficiency virus capsids in a cell-free system. Journal of Cell Biology. 136(3): 567-81, Feb 1997 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Lingappa JR, Martin RL, Wong ML, Ganem D, Welch WJ, Lingappa VR. A eukaryotic cytosolic chaperonin is associated with a high molecular weight intermediate in the assembly of hepatitis B virus capsid, a multimeric particle. Journal of Cell Biology. 125(1): 99-111, Apr 1994 [Article]

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