Electronic Communication Links for CSS 341, Autumn 2012


U-Mail Form.  Allows anonymous or identified e-mail to Dr. Jackels.

E-Mail.  You will need a UW student e-mail account of the form uwnetID@u.washington.edu.  You are responsible for reading this e-mail at least once each day.  You may set it up to forward to some other e-mail service; it is your responsibility to make the forwarding to that service perform properly.  The best place to start is from your MyUW page.  An e-mail help page  is also available.

Class ListProc  E-mail messages sent here are distributed to the entire class.

Class Bulletin Board is a web-based Go-Post message board.  You will access this message board with your UW Net ID.  Instructions for use of Go-Post can be found on line.   When you have opened the message board, you will find a "preofile" option on the top margin.  Click on it and you will be able to specify a "notification" procedure for postings. 
Electronic document turn-in area.
: 1) Homework (HW's) , 2) Machine Programming Assignments (MP's) , Grade Reports/Returns, Activities
         These are the Catalyst DropBox sites for these assignments.

Remote Conferencing.  If the class should need to be conducted by video conferencing for any reason, we will be using Skype  and  Google's GoToMeeting web utitilty.  You will be notified if we are making use of these.

Catalyst ShareSpaces  is a collaborative tool that may be useful for you and your partner in your group work.  It may also be used to distribute documents to you at your MyUW Catalyst Tool page.