Use of Electronic Mail

You are required to setup an E-mail account of the form   This account is based upon your UWNetID.   You may, of course, forward your e-mail to any account for processing, but it is required that you will have an active  account of the form that you check daily or forward.  Again, this is a course requirement, regardless of how you prefer to read your e-mail. Note in particular that this e-mail is not of the form It is either or

Please see the instructions from the UWB Information Services on this account and how to set it up and manage it: 

A general overview of electronic mail is available from the central site at UW. It will give you information about most aspects of electronic mail including how to create a UWNetID accountUWNetID services, and an introduction to the programs that can be used for UW e-mail.

You may already be regularly reading e-mail elsewhere and prefer to continue that practice.  To do this, you need to set up mail forwarding from your UW email account.  After setting up your UW account, go to the management page for your UWNetID.  Click on the "Change UW email forwarding" link and set up your forwarding.  Test this to make sure it works, by sending an message to yourself at and see if it eventually shows up at your preferred account.  It is your responsibility to make sure that all UWNetID e-mail is being forwarded properly. A failure to properly forward and read your UWNetID email will not be considered an excuse for any messages that you may miss.

Even if you chose to permanently forward your UW e-mail, you will still need to keep your UWNetID and password at hand as they will be needed for various of the courseware services we will be using.

If you are having trouble setting up your account, please see the UWB Information Services help desk