In this exercise you will be given a large data set and plot it in such a way that meaningful conclusions can be reached in regards to the metalicity profile of our galaxy. Metalicity is one of the nine dimensions that will eventually make up our map of the Milky Way galaxy.  Metalicity is the ratio of heavy elements present in a star to lighter elements such Hydrogen, Helium, or Lithium. What we will be using in this exercise is the ratio of Iron to Hydrogen (Fe/H). Metalicity can be treated as an analog to the age of the star, basically the higher the metalicity the younger the star, and vice-versa . If you are interested in learning more about why this is feel free to read this introductory article.

The first requirement is that you possess some type of plotting software such as Excel or Open Office Calc. If you do not please feel free to download the Open Office Suite for free. If you have never used this software before it might be useful to look through these short tutorials.

Once you are familiar with the basic workings of Calc or Excel you may continue with this exercise by clicking NEXT.