June 3-4, 2005
University of Washington

Conference participants should make their own travel arrangements. This minimizes errors and ensures complications do not arise regarding frequent flier accounts, seat reservations, etc.


Participants will be reimbursed for their flight expenses after the conference.At the conference, participants will be supplied with Travel Expense Vouchers along with self-addressed business reply envelopes.A completed Travel Expense Voucher and all relevant receipts should be mailed to us soon after the conference to ensure prompt reimbursement.


Transportation to and from the airport and hotel should also be arranged by the participant. Please be sure to include taxi receipts with your Travel Expense Voucher.


Guests will be staying at the Watertown Hotel in the University District. You can visit the hotelís web site (http://www.watertownseattle.com) for directions to the hotel as well as for other information.


If you have any questions, please contact Nika Kabiri.



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