Dr. Edwin Miyata and I have worked with Professor Kouki Inoue of Nihon University to present a summer short-course for Japanese students. Offered through Continuing Education this course is expected to continue indefinitely. A memorandum of understanding between our two Universities will formalize this educational venture which has also included visiting faculty and graduate students.

An educational program was developed and presented Statewide through Washington State Extension. As a part of this program an Extension Bulletin was written and is now available through the State Extension Service.

Have participated in the writing and grading of examinations for the professional license in engineering in the State of Washington and have served on an engineer advisory committee to rewrite portions of the Washington Administrative Code dealing with professional engineers and land surveyors.

Some more recent work in Latin American has focused on Honduran forestry with participation in training programs and the evaluation of international development programs:

Schreuder, G.F. and F.E. Greulich. Impacts and benefits of the Forestry Development Project in Honduras and some possible future scenarios. Report for USAID. January, 1997. Document

Schreuder, G.F. and F.E. Greulich. Auditoria y evaluacion tecnica del AFE/Cohdefor. PAAR(13) Noviembre, 1998. Document

Greulich, F.E. and G.F. Schreuder. Economic analysis of forest management activities (includes two computer programs). Report to PAAR and World Bank. November, 2000. Document             Associated Excel Programs:           FRM              SEV

Honduran forestry training program. Harvesting operations and control of environmental impact (presented in Spanish). International Training and Development Institute of the American Cultural Exchange. Seattle, WA. 1996, 97, 98.



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