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Fall, 2016

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Adaptive Agents Lab

My textbook, (with co-author Michael Kalton) Principles of Systems Science, Springer (Nov. 2014), is now available for ordering.

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My personal blog,
Question Everything

A must-see tutorial on Critical Thinking at YouTube

See a demo of my robotics class
Requires iTunes player, or Quicktime.

My presentation on Biophysical Economics at the, Pacific Science Center, Science Café in Tacoma

Program Development Activities & Courses Developed

Prior Courses Taught

  • Computer Programming: Introduction to Computer Science
    at Western Washington University (WWU)
  • Elementary Programming for non-CS majors (WWU)
  • Foundations of Computer Science I (Data Structures WWU)
  • Foundations of Computer Science II (Algorithms WWU)
  • TCSS 343 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms (UWT)
  • Survey of Internet-related Problems in Computing (WWU)
  • Intelligent Software Agents in the Internet [Graduate level] (WWU)
  • Basic Internet Resources [part of the WWU Internet Minor]
  • Artificial Intelligence (WWU)
  • Artificial Intelligence [Graduate level] (at WWU)
  • Computer Architecture (TCSS 372)
  • Machine Organization (TCSS 371)
  • Embedded Systems (TCSS465)
  • TCSS 437 - Robotics  
  • TGH 302 - Themes in Global Honors [prior course site] 
  • GH 303 - Global Challenges [course site, Spring 2007]
  • Distributed Computing [Graduate level] (TCSS 558)
  • TINST 401 - Technology in the Service of Society 
  • Graduate: Seminar in Computer Science (TCSS 598)
  • Graduate: Distributed Systems (TCSS 558)
  • Graduate: Cybernetics & Information
  • Graduate: Systems Science & Computing
  • Graduate: Seminar in Neuromimic Processing

Courses I'm Teaching this Quarter

I will only be teaching a single course in the winter and another in the spring. I will update this section at those times.

Last update: 09-13-16