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Someday I'll get around to cleaning this up.  My apologies if any of these links are dead.  I try to check them from time to time (if I think to run my link checker agent!) 

More or less organized stuff

General Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and miscellaneous Uncertainty issues

Gregory J. Chaitin's "The Unknowable"
Principia Cybernetica.
American Association for Artificial Intelligence 
Situation Theory  
Reinforcement Learning: A Survey 
The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
The Reinforcement Learning Group at Carnegie Mellon 
UCI Machine Learning Group 
Yin-Yang: No-Free-Lunch Theorems for Search 
Action Selection methods using Reinforcement Learning 
Learning and complex behaviors - review (shull) 
Learning in Multi-Agent Systems 
Home Pages of ML CBR Folks 
International Neural Network Society 
Bayesian Nets - Bruce D'Ambrosio 
Baysean Knowledge Discovery 
Feedback Control    
Neurochips - Pine Lab at Caltech 
The Unpredictable Certainty 
one-over-f (1/f) noise 

Artificial Autonomous (Intelligent - Yuck word) Agents, Robots, Softbots, Knowbots and, well, 'Bots

Adam Currie's History of Robots Page (really good)
Atsumi Laboratory Page An Overview 
Agent or Program - Definition  
Agent Society 
AgentNews UMBC 
Phil Goetz's Agents Hotlist 
Cognitive/Agent Architecture: Title Page 
Enterprise Project: The Enterprise Ontology 
Intelligent Software Agent Bibliography - Steve Gant 
The Tacoma Project, Agent support at OS 
What is an Ontology? 
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders 
Mobile Robots Group 
Intelligent Java Applications for the Internet and Intranets 
Interesting Robotics Destinations 
Information Filtering Resources 
Information Foraging in Information Access Environments 
Foraging Conference 
Foraging Robots- Arkin's Lab 
Automatically Organizing Bookmarks per Contents 
Navigation and Wayfinding in Virtual Reality 

On-line Journals of various sorts

Intelligent Data Analysis e-Journal 
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission 
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 
Machine Learning
P S Y C O L O Q U Y 
Journal: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Elsevier Science) 

Neuroscience and Behavioral Science and some miscellaneous Biology Links

Behavioral Neuroscience Page 
Determining cortical landscapes 
LTP -Mechanisms Regulating Synaptic Plasticity in Brain 
New Molecular Tools Revealing Mysteries Of The Mind 
The Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems - Boston U. 
Neuron Emulation List 
NSF - Learning & Intelligent Systems - Home 
Neural Coding Bibliography 
Neural Natural Scenes Bibliography 
Neural Noise Bibliography 
Neural servo 
Neural Signals - Pam Reinagel's Home Page 
Baldwin Effect - Learning and Evolution 
Behavioral Brain Sciences (BBS) Preprint Archive 
Origin of life - The Thermosynthesis Home Page 

People I know or find interesting or seem to know something worthwhile or all of these.

AARON SLOMAN - Information file 
Actual Possibilities - Aaron Sloman 
Bill (William) Mobus - My brother - at University of Missouri, St. Louis (good fishing resource!) 
Bob Kentridge - Psychology home page 
Hideyuki Nakashima, Ph.D. 
David Stork - Essay 
Filippo Menczer 
G J Chaitin Home Page 
Harold Morowitz 
H.M Hubey's Home Page 
Inman Harvey D.Phil. thesis 
Joanna Bryson's Personal Home Page 
John E. R. Staddon Home Page Neurobiology DUMC 
John Staddon 
Staddon publications 
Joseph Williams 
Kevin B. Korb 
Leslie Pack Kaelbling's Home Page 
Marco Dorigo 
Oliver Sparrow 
Oren Etzioni's Home Page 
Pattie Maes Homepage 
Paul Davidsson 
Peter Wegner's Home Page 
Rich Sutton's Home Page 
Rick Grush's Home Page 
R. Beer - Publications 
Stan Franklin's HomePage 
William H. Calvin's Books and Articles 

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