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Comment Page: Special interests and some politicians are exploiting uncertainty in computer modelling to sway the public from action. Disasterous consequences may ensue.

Author: George Mobus

Creation Date: 9/5/04

Edit Date: 9/5/04



Many special interests and politicians are exploiting the missunderstandings of the general public to subvert policy decisions that might avert disaster.


The main effect of special interests and some politicians exploiting the uncertainty inherent in computer modelling is that it can significantly delay the actions needed to avoid disaster. A majority of scientests studying global warming believe that it is still possible to avoid the worst consequences of climate change is significant action is taken starting right now. They argue that we should adopt the precautionary principle to avoid the worst scenarios.


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Responding to: The lack of understanding of the nature of computer modeling by the lay public and many policy makers. - George Mobus, 9/5/2004

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