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Erin Harley

Erin is a 5th-year graduate student working towards a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. She came to the UW after receiving a BA in Psychology at Boston University in 1997. Erin is interested in how the human visual system processes and interprets the visual environment, and how such interpretations affect human performance on real-world tasks. She has studied the effects of image degradation on visual perception and memory, and is currently investigating perceptual metacognition, in particular, visual hindsight bias.

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Daniel Bernstein

Danny received his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Simon Fraser University in 2001. He is working with Geoff Loftus on the relationship between belief and memory, as well as the development of sensory and perceptual processes in 3-5 year olds.

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Janice Chen

Janice grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska. She did her undergraduate work in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences program at MIT and now works for Geoff Loftus as a research assistant. She plans to go to graduate school within the next few years. Janice thinks the weather in Seattle is fantastic, which probably says something about Alaska and Boston.

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Keri Carlsen

Keri is an undergraduate in the Department of Psychology and will graduate with an Honors B.S. in the Spring of 2003. She has been working in the Loftus lab since Winter Quarter of 2001 and works primarily with graduate student Erin Harley studying visual hindsight bias.

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Allyss Dillon

Allyss will receive a BS in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Washington in 2003. She has worked with Geoff Loftus on face perception and face memory since Summer 2001. Beginning in January 2002, she will begin a five-month stint as an undergraduate TA in statistics (Psychology 317-318) also with Geoff Loftus.

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Martin Oberg


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Michelle Choi

Michelle ...

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Kelly Kalalau

Kelly is an undergraduate student who is currently working toward her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Her interests are in social and cognitive psychology. She will be graduating in Spring 2003 and looking forward to continuing her education in graduate school.

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