Thomas Gilbert

Associate Professor
Finance & Business Economics

Thomas Gilbert

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
PACCAR Hall, Box 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226, USA

Email: gilbertt "at"

Office: PACCAR 413

Tel: 1-206-616-7184

Twitter: @ProfTGilbert


Academic Publications:

Working Papers:

Work in Progress:

  • "Risky Asset Portfolio as Signal of Quality" with Chris Hrdlicka
  • "How Not to Pick Bad Mutual Funds" with Yang Song
  • "The (Optimal) Capital Structure of Universities"
  • "Why do Donors Donate to Universities with Large and Risky Endowments" with Chris Hrdlicka
  • "Liquidity Supply Prior to Macroeconomic Announcements" with Sunil Wahal
  • "Firm-Level Exposure to Macroeconomic Risk" with Jinfei Sheng
  • "Public and Private Weather Information in the Orange Juice Market" with Alvin Chen
  • "Don't Get Caught by Surprise: The Impact of Macroeconomic News on Corporate Policies" with Ran Duchin

Other (Non-Academic) Publications:

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