ODE page

A Stiff ODE Page

This page shows how to classify and solve stiff ordinary differential equations (ODE's).

  • Reasons for using Stiff Solvers
  • How to recognize stiff ODEs Tutorial
  • How to solve stiff ODEs using MATLAB
  • How to obtain stiff ODE solvers

  • Getting ODE Tools

    Stiff ODE solvers may be downloaded as a zip archive or a tar archive.
    The ODE solving tools considered here are for use in MATLAB v4.0 or greater.
    Install the odesuite into the directory from which you will be running your MATLAB scripts and functions.

    (For where to get software for decompression of the above archives go to compression.)

    You may also find a number of other interesting tools and utilities at www.mathworks.com/contsoft.html.

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    Obtaining Archiving Software

    On the off chance you do not have the programs necessary to unzip or untar the above archives, you may get free and shareware versions from a number of sources. To link to a free source, click to
    Info-Zip. You can also look for these and other types of archiving software for different operating systems and platforms at Yahoo.

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