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Eric Zivot
Economics 581
Econometric Theory II

Class Announcements

Winter 2001

  1. 2/25/01. HW 7 is now on the homework page. It is due Friday, March 2.  
  2. 2/12/01. I have created a page for the class empirical project. The project is due on the last day of class. 
  3. 1/25/01. HW 4 is now on the homework page. It is an Eviews assignment and it is due next Thursday.
  4. 1/23/01.  The midterm exam is scheduled for Thursday, February 8. This will be an in-class exam. It will be a limited open book exam. You may have the class textbooks as well as you handwritten notes. 
  5. 1/9/01. I posted the textfile testols.txt on the class homework page.
  6. 1/8/01. I forgot to post the data testols.txt on the howework page. You do not have to turn in the Matlab assignment this week. 
  7. 1/8/01. The second homework assignment is on the homework page.
  8. 1/5/01.  I have put my lecture notes for this week on the Notes page. 
  9. 12/29/00. The first homework assignment is posted on the Homework page and is due Tuesday 1/9/01 at the beginning of class.