Some converstations, presentations, and overviews from our group

An conversation on neuroscience and AI with Eric on the Brain Inspired Podcast.

Eric's talk on learning and the other connectome at VVTNS.

Eric's talk on dimensionality and coding in neural networks (video).

A shorter version as an invited talk at COSYNE 2019 (video).

Eric's brief chat about trying bridge math and biology with Grey Matters.

Eric's overview of noise correlations and coding (coursera video lecture).

Joel Zylberberg's talk on communicating with noisy signals (video).

Braden Brinkman's talk on "How do efficient coding strategies depend on the origins of noise in neural circuits?"

A Simons Foundation profile of our work on dimensionality and dynamics.

Eric's overview slides on correlations and population coding

Eric's slides on correlated noise and the retina's code for direction

And, some vintage materials on the "first generation" of neural models, as a younger Brent Doiron and Eric answer SIAM's timeless question "whydomath?"