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We work in mathematical neuroscience, aiming to connect circuit dynamics with basic computational and coding functions of the brain. This sparks both abstracted modeling and analysis and enthusiastic, close collaborations with experimental groups at UW and beyond.

Recent projects are on decision making and timing in neural networks, mechanisms and consequences of coordinatied spiking patterns, point-process models of auditory coding, and stability in spiking circuits. PI: Eric Shea-Brown.

Our work is made possible by the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund, the NSF (Progs. of Mathematical Biology, Statistics, and Robust Intelligence), the Simons Foundation, the Northwest Center for Neural Engineering, the NIH, and NSERC (G. Lajoie, T. Oleskiw).

Find us in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, Lewis Hall, Seattle, WA 98195-2420.