The 2016 Euler Society Conference

July 25-26, 2016

Adelphi University
Garden City, NY

Euler 2016 Program

Euler 2016 Abstracts

Mikhailov Awarded Leonhard Euler Medal: The Euler Society is proud to announce that the distinguished Russian scholar Gleb Konstantinovich Mikhailov is the first recipient of the Leonhard Euler Medal.

Dr. Mikhailov has shown a life-long dedication to research in applied mathematics and to scholarship in the history of science. Born in the city of Tbilisi, he moved at an early age with his family to Moscow. There he attended the Moscow Hydro-Melioration Institute, earning his doctorate in 1952.

After receiving his degree, Dr. Mikhailov worked at the Institute of Mechanics/ Problems in Mechanics, affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. This academy is historically descended from the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, so famously associated with the name of Leonhard Euler.

Among his many professional activities, Dr. Mikhailov has been involved with VINITI, the Institute for Technical and Scientific Information, since its founding in 1952, including being head of the Department of Mechanics. He has been a member of the International Union for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics since 1956. He has also been an editor of the journal Mekhanica from 1970, becoming chief editor in 1992.

Dr. Mikhailov has published extensively in the area of hydrodynamics, edited works on aerodynamics and electromagnetoelasticity, and made major contributions to the history of mechanics. He has been part of the project to publish the complete works of Daniel Bernoulli, editing the volume on hydrodynamics and contributing the article "Hydraulics in Exercitationes Mathematicae."

The works of Leonhard Euler have been a significant focus of the research of Dr. Mikhailov. He was an editor for the volume on the letters of Euler with Johann I and Nicolaus I Bernoulli published in the Opera Omnia, Ser. 4A, Vol. II. He also edited the MAA volume Euler and Modern Science, which appeared as part of the MAA Tercentenary Euler Celebration. A small sample of his other publications on Euler include "Leonhard Euler and his contribution to the development of rational mechanics", "Genealogical list of the descendants of Leonhard Euler", "Notes on the unpublished manuscripts of Leonhard Euler."

For all he has done to advance our knowledge and understanding of the work of Leonhard Euler, Dr. Mikhailov is richly deserving of this award.