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Kim England and Kevin Ward, eds. (2007) Neo-Liberalization: States, Networks, Peoples International Antipode/Blackwell book series.

Table of Contents -- contributions from scholars in geography, anthropology, health studies, political science, planning and sociology: Mark Beeson; Kim England, Joan Eakin, Denise Gastaldo and Patricia McKeever; Catherine Kingsfisher; Wendy Larner, Richard LeHeron and Nicholas Lewis; Pete North; Nick Phelps, Marcus Power and Roseline Wanjiru; Katharine Rankin and Yogendra B Shakya; and Kevin Ward.

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Eleonore Kofman and Kim England, eds. (1997) “Citizenship and International Migration: Taking Account of Gender, Sexuality, and ‘Race’,” Environment and Planning A, 1997, 29(2).


Papers by Jon Binnie; Kim England and Bernadette Stiell; and Ruth Fincher.

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Kim England, ed. (1996) Who Will Mind the Baby? Geographies of Child-Care and Working Mothers.  Routledge: Lodon and New York: “International Studies of Women and Place” series.


Contributions from scholars in geography, economics and planning: David Bloom and Todd Steen, Ellen Cromley, Isabel Dyck, Kim England, Ruth Fincher, Holly Myers-Jones and Susan Brooker-Gross, Marie Truelove, and Ian Skelton.

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Care and Care Workers – Nurses, Home Care, Nannies and Child Care:

Kim England (2013) “Nurses across borders: Global migration of Registered Nurses to the US Gender Place and Culture: forthcoming

Kim England and Caitlin Henry (2013) “Care, migration and citizenship: Nurse Migration to the UK” Social and Cultural Geography: forthcoming.

Kim England and Isabel Dyck (2012) Migrant Workers in Home Care: Responsibilities, Routes and Respect” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 101 (5): 1076-1083

Isabel Dyck and Kim England (2012) “Homes for Care: Reconfiguring Care Relations and Practices” in Christine Ceci, Kristin Bjornsdottir and Mary Ellen Purkis (eds.) Home, Care, Practices: Critical Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People. Routledge: New York.

Kim England and Isabel Dyck (2011) “Managing the Body Work of Home Care” themed issue ‘Body Work’ in Sociology of Health and Illness, 33(2): 206-219. (reprinted in Julia Twigg, Carol Wolkowitz, Rachel Lara Cohen and Sarah Nettleton (eds) Body Work in Health and Social Care: Themes, New Agendas, 2011, Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford)

Kim England (2010) “Home, Paid Care Work and Geographies of Responsibilities” themed issue on ‘Care-full Geographies’ in Ethics, Place and Environment, 13(2): 131-150.

Kim England (2008) “Welfare Provision, Welfare Reform, Welfare Mothers,” in Kevin Cox, Murray Low and Jennifer Robinson (eds) Handbook of Political Geography Sage: London and Thousand Oaks, CA. 

Kim England, Joan Eakin, Denise Gastaldo and Patricia McKeever (2007) “Neoliberalizing Home Care: Managed Competition and Restructuring Home Care in Ontario,” in Kim England and Kevin Ward (eds.) Neoliberalization: Networks, States, Peoples. International Antipode/Blackwell book series. . 

Kim England (2007) “Caregivers, Local-Global, and Geographies of Responsibility,” in Pamela Moss and Karen Falconer Al-Hindi (eds.) Feminisms, Geographies, Knowledges. Rowman and Littlefield: Lanham, MD.

Denise Gastaldo, Joan Eakin, Kim England, and Patricia McKeever (2004) “In Between Friendship and Professionalism,” in Sioban Nelson (ed.) In Sickness and in Health: Ethics, Power, and Practice (Vol. 1). Nursing Praxis International: Chichester, UK, pp. 75-81.

Kim England (2003) “Towards a Feminist Political Geography?Political Geography, 2003, 22(6): 611-616. (reprinted in Kevin R Cox (ed.) Political Geography: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, 2005, Routledge).

Kim England (2000) “‘It’s really hitting home’: The home as a site for long-term health care,” in the special issue on “Healthy communities through women’s eyes” in International Women and Environments Magazine (Summer/Fall, 2000, Issue 48/49, 25).

Bernadette Stiell and Kim England (1999) “Jamaican Domestics, Filipina Housekeepers and English Nannies: Representations of Toronto’s Foreign Domestic Workers,” in Janet Momsen (ed.) Gender, Migration and Domestic Service. Routledge: London and New York, pp. 42-62. 


Employment and Workplace Diversity:

Kim England (2013) “Clerical Work” in Vicki Smith (ed.) Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia, Sage, forthcoming.

Kim England (2013) “Women, Intersectionality and Workplace Equity” in Carol Agocs, Michael Lynk, and John Craig (eds.) Employment Equity in Canada: 25 Years after the Abella Report, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Kim England and Kate Boyer (2009) “Women’s Work: The Feminization and Shifting Meanings of Clerical Work” Journal of Social History, 43(2): 307-340.

Kate Boyer and Kim England (2008) “Gender, Work and Technology in the Information Workplace: From Typewriters to ATMs Social and Cultural Geography, 9(3): 241-256.

Kim England (2005) “Diversity at work? Employment Equity and Visible Minorities in Canadian Banking,” Final Report for the Canadian Studies Grant Program, Canadian Embassy, Washington DC.

Kim England and Victoria Lawson (2005) “Feminist Analyses of Work: Rethinking the Boundaries, Gendering and Spatiality of Work,” in Lise Nelson and Joni Seager (eds.) Companion to Feminist Geography. Blackwell: London, pp. 77-92.

Kim England (2003) Disabilities, Gender and Employment: Social Exclusion, Employment Equity and Canadian Banking,The Canadian Geographer, 2003, 47(4): 429-450.

Kim England (2002) “Interviewing Elites: Cautionary Tales about Researching Women Managers in Canada’s Banking Industry,” in Pamela Moss (ed.) Feminist Geography in Practice: Research and Methods Blackwell: Oxford, pp. 200-213.

Kim England and Gunter Gad (2002) Social Policy at Work? Equality and Equity in Women’s Employment in Canada,” in a special issue on “Geography and gendered labour markets” Geojournal: An International Journal on Human Geography and Environmental Sciences 56(4): 281-294.


Urban Politics, Urban Spaces and Cities:

Kim England (2012) “‘Everyday Life is Situated’: Politics, Space and Feminist Theory” in Andrew Jonas and Andrew Wood (eds.) Territory, The State and Urban Politics: New Critical Directions, Ashgate: Burlington, VT, pp. 187-202.

Kim England (2011) “Spatial stories: Belltown, Denny Hill and Pike Place Market” contribution to Michael Brown and Richard L. Morrill (eds.) Seattle Geographies, University of Washington Press: Seattle, pp. 144-150.

Kim England and John Mercer (2006) “Canadian Cities in Continental Context: Global and Continental Perspectives on Canadian Urban Development” in Trudi Bunting and Pierre Filion (eds.) Canadian Cities in Transition: Local through Global Perspectives, 3rd Edition, Oxford university Press: Toronto, pp. 24-39.

Veronica Strong-Boag, Isabel Dyck, Kim England and Louise Johnson (1999) “What Women’s Spaces? Women in Australian, British, Canadian, and US Suburbs,” in Richard Harris and Peter J. Larkham (eds.) Changing Suburbs: Foundation, Form and Function, Chapman and Hall: London, pp. 168-186.


Feminist Methodologies and Pedagogy:

Kim England (2006) “Producing Feminist Geographies: Theory, Methodologies and Research Strategies,” in Stuart Aitkin and Gill Valentine (eds.) Approaches to Human Geography.  Sage: London and Thousand Oaks, CA., pp. 286297.  Revised and updated versions coming soon in the second edition….

Kim England (2002) “Interviewing Elites: Cautionary Tales about Researching Women Managers in Canada’s Banking Industry,” in Pamela Moss (ed.) Feminist Geography in Practice: Research and Methods Blackwell: Oxford, pp. 200-213.  

Kim England (1999) “Sexing Geography, Teaching Sexualities,” The Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 23(1): 94-101.


Some older papers of note:

Bernadette Stiell and Kim England “Domestic Distinctions: Constructing Difference among paid Domestic Workers in Toronto, Gender, Place and Culture, 1997, 4(3): 339-359.  (reprinted in Michael S. Kimmel, Amy Aronson, and Amy Kaler (eds.) The Gendered Society Reader, 2007, Oxford University Press).

Kim England and Bernadette Stiell‘They think you’re as stupid as your English is’: Constructing Foreign Domestic Workers in Toronto,” Environment and Planning A, 1997, 29(2): 195-215. (reprinted in Pamela Moss and Karen Falconer Al-Hindi (eds.) Feminisms in Geography: Rethinking Space, Place and Knowledges, 2007, Rowman and Littlefield).

Kim England “‘Girls in the Office’: Job Search and Recruiting in a Local Clerical Labor Market, Environment and Planning A, 1995, 27(12): 1995-2018.

Kim England “Suburban Pink Collar Ghettos: The Spatial Entrapment of Women?” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 1993, 83(2): 225-242 (and see exchange with Susan Hanson and Geraldine Pratt,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 1994, 84(3): 500-504.

Kim England “Getting Personal: Reflexivity, Positionality and Feminist Research,” The Professional Geographer, 1994, 46(1): 80-89. (reprinted in Trevor Barnes and Derek Gregory (eds.) Reading Human Geography: The Poetics and Politics of Inquiry, 1997, Edward Arnold AND reprinted in Harald Bauder and Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro (eds.) Critical Geography: An Introduction and Reader, Praxis(e)Press.)

Kim England “Gender Relations and the Spatial Structure of the City,” Geoforum, 1991, 22(2): 135-147.


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