spare time projects

In addition to my research and teaching, I have found it enriching intellectually and personally to maintain a creative technical practice. Keeping my skills in shape in this way influences my teaching and my volunteering, and is also a source of great personal enjoyment. Below are a few examples of the kinds of things I've built in my spare time.

web development

Random Question Generator

Brushing up on JavaScript recently, I built a simple random question generator. I use it in teaching at the start of small-group activities to generate an ice-breaker question.

GIF making

I make GIFs as a form of stress relief, and I'd characterize my style as Extremely Amateur with a Splash of Dad Humor. I typically use GIMP to draw and animate, and VLC to extract frames from video. If you must know, my prefered pronunciation is 'zhIf', as in: my favorite genre of GIF is GIFs with a certain je ne sais quoi, though I also like gentle GIFs and gargantuan GIFs. You can find my most embarassing work here.