Ed deHaan

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Ed deHaan, financial accounting, business, finance

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
PACCAR Hall, Box 353226,
Seattle, WA 98195, USA

Email: edehaan@uw.edu

Office: PACCAR 531

Tel: +1-206-543-7913


Papers are available at SSRN

Data and Code

Click here to download code for SAS syntax coloring for use in BBEdit and TextWrangler. Version 1.1.

Here is Stata syntax coloring for use in BBEdit and TextWrangler. Thanks to J Gardner for writing the original version of this code. I've made just a few changes to add installation instructions as well as commands for newer ado files.

SAS macros to assign Fama French industry classification codes based on SIC number. Thank you to Kenneth French for providing the classification codes on his website. Excerpts of this code are taken from unknown authors.

----> 48 Industries
----> 12 Industries
----> 5 Industries
----> 38 Industries - this one courtesy of Jess Smith

Here is a SAS macro to produce nicely formatted t-test tables

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