Principal Investigator

Daniela K. Rosner
dkrosner [at]

Office: Sieg Hall, Room 416
Campus Box: 352315
Office Phone: 206.685.3343

Arc Project


Saegusa, K., Trans, T. and D. Rosner. Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc CHI'16 Honorable Mention Award.

Rosner, D. K. and S. E. Fox. (in press) "Legacies of craft and the centrality of failure in a mother-operated hackerspace" New Media & Society Email authors for an early draft.

Rosner, D. K. and F. Turner (2014) "Theaters of Alternative Industry" In Design Thinking Research eds. C. Meinel and L. Leifer.

Rosner, D. K., and M. G. Ames. (2014) Designing for Repair? Infrastructures and Materialities of Breakdown. CSCW'14.

Rosner, D. K. and A. S. Taylor. (2012) Binding and aging. Journal of Material Culture 17(4) 405-424.