Chem 550 and Chem 475: Quantum Chemistry Autumn 2009


David Ginger
Office: Bagley 213
email: ginger@chem
phone: 5-2331


Text: We will use Levine's Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy 6th Edition. You may use an earlier edition if you wish, but you will be responsible for matching homework/problem numbers on your own.

Homework sets and exams will require require 24 hour access to a personal computer and your own copy of Maple. Visit UWare at: (you'll need your UW network ID). Note: Graduate students can download Maple for FREE for installation on their own computer. Undergraduates will need to buy a copy for use on their own computer at greatly reduced costs, or else arrange to install it (free) on a UW-owned computer to which they will have 24 hour access.

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