Will Dowd

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"Why won't it work?"

Will Dowd brings to our lab the unusual and highly coveted ability to communicate with electronic circuits. He claims that these circuits have "feelings" and that some of them like him, others hate him, and yet others view him with an air of cold superiority. This knowledge hasn't stopped him from frequently gouging these circuits with hot [and, frankly, frightening -Ed.] soldering irons.

Will is a very intense, yet stable individual. It is this unique combination of traits that has made him a perfect match for designing intensity stabilisation controllers for our lab. However, he possesses many other fine qualities, which means that he will be of use long after he builds the "stability intensification" controllers he seems destined to make next.

Trying to make all the electronics jealous
Will thinks the spectrum analyser is one of the good guys.