Ryan Weh

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"You mean I get to build thirty more of these things?!"

So many knobs...

We first lured Ryan into the lab (from next door over) with our unicycle and pull-up bar facilities, and he has been an integral member ever since, making lock boxes and setting up our computer control system, among other things. It is, of course, possible that Ryan is so productive only because we told him the lab apparatus is actually an intricate art piece for next year's Burning Man. His intense fascination with blinking red/green lights has been a big boon to the lab's progress, as it led him to design numerous control boxes. However, it is a debilitating condition, and may be contagious, so visitors to the lab are asked to steer clear for their own safety. His recent penchant for going around the lab with a camera and notepad in hand has made us all leery. He says it's for "the website," whatever that is. All in all, we like having Ryan around, but his mastery of fire unfortunately means we couldn't get rid of him even if we wanted to.

Ryan holding a leg of the vacuum chamber
Alex and Deep about to blast Ryan with a big laser-cannon-thing.