Ricky Roy

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

Intrepidly soldering That-Which-Was-Broken

One of the goals of our lab is the study of molecules on a lattice. Ricky Roy is the Architect of that Lattice. The Lattice is the eventuality of an anomaly that leads atoms inexorably to form molecules trapped in equidistant wells. Rumour is that ours is not the first Lattice Ricky has designed. Alas, the First Lattice was flawless, sublime, and a monumental failure, predicated as it was on the excessive perfection of the molecular mind. There is a legend that there will come a Molecular One that will free his kind from the trap of the Lattice. We feel this legend ignores the Architect's ability to tune E/R ratio.

Outside the lab, Ricky enjoys homebrewing, biking, sailing, and the outdoors. Have we mentioned his undergrad (Puget Sound) was also in the Pacific Northwest? Ricky is also a big fan of jazz fusion, but ever since his band the Roys (with Hall of Fame goaltender Patrick on saxophone, novelist Arundhati on keys and alcoholic cocktail Rob on drums) broke up, he's been keeping musically busy by singing in choir.

Fiber Alignment
Bomb squad training in the lab.