Nolan Maloney

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"I'm from Canada. Take me to your leader."

Give me your Mickey Mouse pose!

Nolan was the first of the escapees from Deep's laboratory. Starting as a willing undergraduate research subject, Nolan began his steady decline into insanity by programming the lab computers to display curved lines based on complex mathematical formulas.

Nolan later developed a peculiar drive to bend expensive hollow copper conduit into coil shapes, and dance around with them while making silly poses. In his final days Nolan was making claims that he had created Bose-Einstein Condensates with an interactive illustration found on the Internets. It is believed that he is still in process of writing this "discovery" for publication.

Perhaps his seemingly crazy disposition was merely a clever ploy to aid in his escape. We may never know, and the last word is that he has been hiding out in the wheat-fields in the land of Walla-Walla - but probably this is all in his head.

I hope people don't notice I'm not actually doing anything...
Nolan in dramatic action pose.