Katie McAlpine

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington


Katie joined the Gupta lab after moving to rainy Seattle from sunny Florida. While Katie has since used her impressive collection of sweaters and beanies to blend in with the locals, her Floridian upbringing remains salient as her radiant personality brings sunshine to our basement lab. We suspect that Katie has some degree of control over her radiation or else such bright background light would certainly overload the imaging system she has helped to develop. In moments of desperation while endeavoring to set up the ODT, it was suggested that Katie seek the advice of spirit men and women who could teach her to control this awesome power, eventually trapping atoms with no laser at all - but rather with a single, piercing stare. Perhaps she will attain the level of zen required for this extraordinary feat through her activities outside the lab. Whether in the filtering of sunlight through majestic evergreens seen on her frequent hikes through NW forests or the perfect retroreflection from her babies' adoring eyes (they're actually cats), we expect Katie will unlock the elusive power of laser eyes in the near future.