Kalista Smith

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"For you, no charge."

Coming to the University of Washington from the small mecca of juggling that is Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Kalista is enthralled to have the opportunity of fixing up a MOT.

Recently Kalista found an interest in purchasing expensive pieces of metal with many holes in them, and otherwise talking bad about manufacturers because they are over a month late, when she really should be saying good things because all they wanted was to make sure their second or third attempt passed through quality control OK. Of course Kalista has had numerous great successes - in fact, in a frenzy of screwing random mirrors to those chunks of metal, themselves bolted to the optics table, she uncovered a laser that most of us had not known existed and put it to her own use. She has, however, since been demanding circuits to run the thing...

Despite Kalista's lack of owning a bicycle, we all enjoy her spirit and good humor around the lab.

Kalista concentrating on her serve in a game of Laser Ping Pong.