Jason Grad

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"I did it, in the face of everyone who kept stealing my optics!"

Jason comes from a long line of grad students, dating way back to the invention of the last name. It is believed that the founder of his line, one Phineas Gradde, was the first person to ever obtain a PhD, after spending over 40 years in graduate school. These days, the university is, mercifully, a less draconian institution. Nevertheless, Jason's family tree is littered with stories of courageous advisor avoidance and harrowing tales of survival on ramen alone.

Jason's only wish in life is to live up to his name. However, he is not there yet. We are doing all we can to help Jason reach his dream of grad school, giving him valuable experience in soldering electronics, baking and re-baking vacuum components and the general despair of watching a viewport turn irrevocably into a mirror. We hope it all helps, somehow.

"May the third bake-out be the charm..."