Frank Münchow

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"Germany won third place!"

Frank Münchow is a visiting student from Axel Görlitz's group in Düsseldorf, Germäny. Like möst visitors from the old world, Frank came to Seattle in search of two things: optical Feshbach resonänces in the Li-Yb system and the American Dream. Sadly, as his time in our lab is winding down, one remains as elusive as the other. Which is not to say that Frank's time was not well spent. He taught us to program in LäbView, won an argument with an equation for the first time ever, and did much to improve our photoaßociation and data acquisition setups. Perhaps less crucially, he is also chiefly respönsible for the stark rise in ümlaut use in the lab. If current trends continue, by 2013 all vowels in all lab correspondence will be ümlauted, and we'll know just who to thänk. And, if someday Frank does come upon optical Feshbach resonances, at least it won't be a hollow triumph that gets him nothing but false love, a giant yellow roadster, and a lonely death at the hands of a crazed, vengeful widow-maker.

Frank aligning
Hmm... i wonder what happens if I...