Eric Lee-Wong

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"I just made a model of your demise. In three dimensions."

Hey. Excuse me, are you busy right now? Would you like to read about Eric Lee-Wong? If not, you can come back later if you like.

So, for the last little bit, Eric has been helping out in the lab by designing a brand new vacuum chamber. I guess he didn't realise that we have one already. That's pretty silly. Well, maybe it's not, since in this new chamber we'd be able to perform ionisation experiments. And so Eric has been designing it. In the process, he's also become the SolidWorks expert in the lab, and his late hours make us suspect he's started a side business making SolidWorks models for anything and everything. So if you've always wanted, say, a SolidWorks model of Gas Works Park, you know who to turn to!

Thanks for reading!