Alex Khramov

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"I didn't break it."

Alex's favorite number is 671. We think this might be related to the number of languages he speaks, which is much closer to this number than for the rest of us in the lab. Nonetheless, Alex's fascination with this number has carried into an obsession to create laser light at 671nm. Hence many screams of frustration at laser diodes which do not live up to expectations asserted by their manufacturers. Typically however Alex exhibits great patience (or perhaps he is simply easily amused), as he is known to tweak mirrors and lenses for hours on end. Alex is also known to theorize at great lengths about what atoms are actually doing while sitting in a dark MOT on a typical weekday afternoon. His morbid fear of soldering irons is not something we discuss openly.

Alex and Billy enjoying their favoritist time of all - New Shipment Arrival!