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I often receive requests for my article on Toni Morrison's only published short story, "Recitatif." I regret that, to comply with U. S. copyright laws, I am unable to provide copies of this article. You can, however, find the article in the following source (cited in MLA style, in case you need to cite it in your own work):

Goldstein-Shirley, David. "Race/[Gender]: Toni Morrison's
'Recitatif.'" Women on the Edge: Ethnicity and

Gender in Short Stories by American Women

Ed. Corinne H. Dale and J. H. E. Paine. New York:

Garland, 1999. 97-110.

You can find the book in most academic libraries, or you can order a copy through your local bookstore or through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or the publisher's distributor, Routledge. (I do not receive royalties for this article, by the way.) The ISBN, which might help you conduct searches for the book, is 0815332475.

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