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Honorary & Staff Members
M. Patricia Morse
Alison Mehravari
Joey Sullivan
Binh Nguyen
Tanvi Deora*
Callin Switzer*
Tom Libby*
Chen-Ching Yuan*

Melanie Anderson* (MechE)
Jorge Bustamante (Bio)
Joe Powers* (BioEng)
Sage Malingen (Biology)
Thomas Mohren* (MechE)
Ellen Lesser* (Neurosci)
Anthony Asencio

* co-advised

Monica Harris
Abby Von Hagel
Ammanuel Mamo
Mahad Ahmed

High Schoolers
Arianna Njonge (summer 2018)
Winston Roberts (summer 2018)
Taylor Johnston (summer 2018)
Ashley Esclante (summer 2018)

Tom's Picture Tom Daniel

Tom holds Joan and Richard Komen Endowed Chair in the Biology Department. He received his PhD at Duke Biology and was the Bantrell Postdoctoral Fellow in Engineering Sciences at Caltech until 1984 when he joined the University of Washington and has been here ever since. He is the proud recipient of the University of Washington 1989 Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2001 Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award as well as being named a MacArthur Fellow.
His short bio is here.
Trish Morse

Following a distinguished career studying bivalve heart-kidney complex and the bizarre world of tiny meiofauna, Trish now is an honorary lab member, connecting young scientists to best and brightest all over the world! She is the past president of the SICB, Sigma Xi and a prior Program Director at the National Science Foundation. Her interests include education at all levels, from K-12 to undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs (and a few professors too)..
Alison Mehravari
is the Assitant Director of Operations for the WRF supported UW Institute of Neuroengineering (UWIN) and the Air Force Center of Excellence on Nature Inspired Flight Technologies and Ideas (NIFTI). She received her Ph.D. in the Neurobiology and Behavior Program at the University of Washington with a focus on language processing in the Osterhaut lab.
Tanvi Deora
is a postdoc in the lab. She completed her PhD in the lab of Sanjay Sane at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore India where she focussed on the mechanical coupling between wings and halteres. She is a recipient of a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Human Frontier in Science Program for reserach on mechanosensory information processing associated with floral feeding in insects .Tanvi's home page
Callin Switzer
is a postdoc in the lab who is jointly supported by the Air Force Center of Excellence and the UW Data Science Intitiative and is co-advices by Jake Vanderplas. Callin came to the UW following doctoral work at Harvard where he studied the dynamics of foraging in bumblebees. Callin now turns his attention to data analtyics in the context of social behaviors in foraging bees.
Chen-Ching "Vikcy" Yuan
is a postdoc who is supported by a Sackler Fellowship in Biophysics. Vicky came to the UW with training in the lab of Tom Irving at the Illinois Institute of Technology where she worked on muscle contractile mechanics using a combination of physiological and x-ray scattering approaches. Housed mainly in the lab of Mike Regnier, Vicky will continue in a collaborative project focussing on cardiac contractility.
Tom Libby
is a postdoc who is jointly advised by Sam Burden in Electrical Engineering. Tom is supported by the Air Force Center of Excellence and a fellowship from the UW Institute of Neurogengineering. Tom recieved his doctoral training in the labs of Shankar Sastry and Bob Full at UC Berkeley, and brings the UW considerable expertise in control theory and animal locomtion. He will be focussing on the dynamics of sensorimotor control in Manduca flight.
Thomas Mohren
is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering co-advised by Steve Brunton. Following his Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Delft, Thomas went on to recieve a WRF-funded UW Institute of Neuroengineering graduate fellowhsip. He is working on a project that combines robotics, structural dynamics, and strain sensing in flapping flexible wing models. He is particularly interested in the intersection of sparse sensing and controls in animal flight.
Jorge Bustamante
is a graduate student in the Department of Biology. He earned his Masters Degree from the University of California at Irvine where he worked with Kate Loudon on the interaction of bean plant trichomes with cuticle mechanics of bedbugs. Prior to that, he earned a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Irvine. Jorge is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow working on sensorimotor control of flight in a range of taxa with an eye towards "airframe-based" controls through body flexions.Jorge's home page

Melanie Anderson
is a graduate student in the department of Mechanical Engineering co-advised by Sawyer Fuller. She is working on integrating chemosensory signals from electro anntennograms (EAGs) with the controls of a quadrotor to develop an ordor tracking micro air vehicle - the Smellicopter or Odorotor.

Joe Powers
is a graduate student in the department of Bioengineering and co-advised by Mike Regnier. He is working on the mechanics and dynamics of force generation in muscle with a focus on high speed, time resolved, Xray diffraction methods as well as single fiber experiments and computational approaches.

Sage Malingen
is a graduate student in the department of Biology. She is interested in the structural and fluid dynamics of the contractile lattice and combines both theoretical and experimental approaches, including finite element methods and x-ray diffraction.

Ellen Lesser
is a graduate student in the Neuroscience Program here at the UW and is co-advised by John Tuthill. She is focusing on proprioceptive circuits associated with the wing chordotonal organ in flies. She is currently developing genetic reagents to manipulate the proprioception circuit controlling flight

Anthony Ascencio
recently graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biology here at the UW. He is a postbaccalaureate researcher in the lab currently working on image analysis methods for our time-resolved x-ray diffraction studies.

Mahad Ahmed
is an undergraduate in the Neurobiology progum, with a keen interest in animnal learning and behavior. He is collaborating with Tanvi on a series of projects aimed at understanding the neural basis of plant pollinator interactions and the mechanisms of learning in hawkmoths.

Abby von Hagel
is an undergraduate in the Neurobiology program. She is collaborating with Julie and Sage on a project that involves understanding the timing and activation of flight muscles in Mandcua.

Ammanuel Mamo
is an undergradue in Mechanical Engineering. He is collaborating with Melanie Anderson on the "Smellicopter" project, learning ROS and controlls associated with micro-scale quadrotors.

Matthew Mann
is an undergradue in Biology at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is a visiting research student who is collaborating with Melanie Anderson on the "Smellicopter" project. His focus has been on the long term stability of recordings from electroantennograms.

Monica Harris
is an undergraduate in the Neurobiology program. She started as a highschool summer intern in 2015 and has continued to contribute to research on sensorimotor control of flight in Manduca. Monica is currently working with Eatai Roth on virtual reality systems that allow her to probe multisensor integration in flight control.
Binh Nguyen
has been at the University of Washington for several decades. Together with the Riffell lab, Binh has been the coordinator of our insect cultures and has been maintaining both the Manduca sexta colony and a new Aedes aegypti colony. Prior to this, Binh received a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering here at the UW.
Joey Sullivan
is the lab eletronics and device developer. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering at the UW and is now enrolled in the Professional Masters Program in Electrical Engineering. He is working on autonomous quadrotor flight for the Air Force Center of Excellence. Additionally, he is working with Eatai Roth on closed loop haptic interfaces for insect flight control.

Ariana Njonge
is a high school summer intern student who worked in the lab last year on mechanosensory information processing in wings. She is coming back to the lab this year to continue collaboration with us, also on mechanosensory processing in flight control.

Winston Roberts
is a high school summer intern student who is working with Callin on decsion making and foraging behavior of bumble bees. He came to the lab with a strong interest in social insects.

Ashley Esclante
is a high school summer intern student who worked in the lab last year on mechanosensory information processing in wings.

Former Lab Members

Zane Aldworth
Bing Brunton
Julie Cass
Jon Dyhr
Jessica Fox
Danny Grunbaum
Ty Hedrick
Armin Hinterwirth
Yonatan Munk
Eric Rombokas
Eatai Roth
Simon Sponberg
Sanjay Sane
Mike Tu
Dave Williams
Graduates Students

Dany Adams
Octavio Campos
Stacey Combes
Brad Dickerson
Alexandre Diedonne
Michael Dillon
Annika Eberle
Kevin Flick
Jessica Fox
Mark Frye
Nicole George
Erica Goldman
Robin Harris
Brian Helmuth
Brad Hinkel
Armin Hinterwirth
Chris Jordan
Edgar Meyhofer
Andrew Mountcastle
Jordanna Sprayberry
Elizabeth Stockwell
Bertrand Tanner
Jamie Theobald
Alan Trimble
Dave Williams
Sharri Zamore

Melanie Anderson
Nathan Berry
Mikael (Coco) Daranciang
Meika Decher
Amber Fechko
Kit Githinji
Robert Hall
Saima Haq
Josh Horwitz
Spencer Howell
Darren Howell
Heidi Huber
Nate Jacobsen
Samia Kazi
Lara Kidoguchi
Jacob Lockey
Jeff Longnioin
Susan Loudon
Craig Magaret
Mike Macpherson
Bjorn Millard
Katherine Miller
Carlos Moreno
Chet Moritz
Amy Paul
Brandon Pratt
Charlotte Robinson
Saray Robles
Elischa Sanders
Mary Salcedo
Bo Bin Song
Stephanie Sundier
Marie Suver
James Tse
Shawn Wilkinson
High School Students

Neil Chauhan
Marissa Dominguez
Molly Geiger
Monica Harris
Darren Howell
Spencer Howell
Zack Horvitz
Peter Jeong
Dylan LaMarca
Emma LaMarca
Andreas Molbak
Cameron Myhrvold
Conor Myhrvold
Arianna Njonge
Luca Scheuer
Christina Tull
Jane Woods

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