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The Department of Sociology is part of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington. The University has had a distinguished Department of Sociology since the 1920s. Three departmental faculty members have served as presidents of the American Sociological Association, and eleven have served as presidents of the Pacific Sociological Association. More than 275 Ph.D.s in sociology have been conferred by the University of Washington since the first was awarded in 1932, and these former students have achieved distinction in academic and research positions. Dr. Schwartz has been a member of the faculty at UW since 1972.

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Classes taught by Dr. Schwartz

SOC 287 Sociology of Sexuality is an undergraduate course that examines what stake a given society has in seeing sexuality the way it does and how that is expressed in the social control of sexual acts. We look at societal norms and values and how people have embraced or rejected then - and why.

SOC 352 The Family is an undergraduate lecture course focusing on the family as a social institution, including historical changes and societal variation in family patterns, changes over the life cycle, and alternative family forms.

SOC 487 & SOC 553 Gender and Sexuality is taught at both the graduate and undergraduate level: male and female patterns of sexual expectation, expression, norms, and problems. Sociological issues for single, married, cohabiting, and dating individuals; same sex and opposite sex relationships. The politics and social policy of sexuality in history and contemporary society.

SOC 550 Changing Patterns of Family Organization is a graduate course on the history of the family, with emphasis on changes in European and American families since 1600. Also covers concomitant changes in other institutions and their relation to changes in the family.

SOC 551 Sociology of Families is a graduate course which offers an overview of major research findings on marriage and the family, including demographic trends, the place of children in society, courtship, divorce, and gender roles.

SOC 590 Intimate Relationships is a graduate course which offers an overview of different types of relationships both hetero and homosexual.

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