Dr. Schwartz lectures on a variety of topics involving gender, equality in marriage and relationships, sexuality, and families.

Previous lecture topics:

(For a broad list of past lectures, please see Dr. Schwartz's Curriculum Vitae).

"How the Internet has Affected Relationships"
"What It's Like to be a Sex Researcher"
"Managing Stress in Everyday Life"
"Renewing Intimacy"
"Seeing Balance in Family, Love, and Life"
"Gender and Miscommunication About Sex"
"The Future of Love, Sex, and Marriage"
"Talking to Your Children About Sexuality and Character"
"Equality and Marriage"
"The Politics of Desire"
"The Future of the Family"
"Sexuality and Intimate Relationships"
"Who Should Marry"
"The Great Sex Weekend"
"Women and Leadership"
"Challenges for Today's Women"
"What's Sex Got to do with It"
"Men, Women, and Money"
"Gender and Power in Relationships"
"Human Sexuality: Issues of the Next Decade"
"Power in Marital Interaction"
"Communication and Miscommunication Between Men and Women"

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