Dr. Schwartz has written regular columns for magazines such as Glamour, American Baby, Sexual Health Magazine, and MSN's "One Click Away." Dr. Schwartz is also a regular contributor to many other publications including the New York Times.


Some of Dr. Schwartz's past articles --

[Sex and Health Banner]
Glamour Magazine: "Sex and Health" with Dr. Janet Lever.
Read a sample of Dr. Schwartz's past columns for Glamour Magazine.
June, 1997 column: sexual harassment; variable orgasms..
August, 1997 column: types of herpes; getting him to use a condom.

[American Baby Banner]
American Baby Magazine: "Sex and Relationships."
June, 1997 column: Pregnant and Still Sexy.
August, 1997 column: Conversation Stopper.

[Sexual Health Magazine Banner]
Sexual Health Magazine: regular column on sex, in collaboration with Dr. Janet Lever.
 June, 1997 column: When Sex Hurts..

[One Click Away Logo]
MSN's One Click Away: "Sex.Net with Dr. Pepper."
 September, 1997 column: "If your love life's tapered off, get online to get it on.".


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