Carole L. Palmer

CV Highlights

Selected Grants

Co-PI, Qualitative Data Repository. NSF/SES, 2018-2021, $1,667,886. PI, Colin Elman, Syracuse University. UW subaward: $271,777, PI, Nic Weber, University of Washington.

Co-PI, Privacy Interoperability, Sloan Foundation, 2018-2020. $420,815. PI, Nicholas Weber, University of Washington.

Co-PI, DCC Curation Lifecycle Model 2.0, Sloan Foundation, 2018-2019. PI, Sayeed Choudhury, John Hopkins University. UW subaward of $6,117.

PI, Open Data for Public Good: Data Literacy Education for Public Information Professionals, IMLS/LB21, 2016-2021, $690,858. Co-PI, Nic Weber, University of Washington.

Key Personnel, Digital Humanities Data Curation Institutes, NEH, 2012-2014, $248,721. PI, Trevor Muñoz, MITH, University of Maryland, Co-PIs, Julia Flanders, Brown University and Megan Senseney, University of Illinois. Illinois subaward, $145,010.

PI, Site-Based Data Curation for Small Science, IMLS/NLG, 2012-2014, $499,919. Co-PIs, Bruce Fouke, University of Illinois; Sayeed Choudhury, JHU; Ann Rodman, Yellowstone National Park.

Key Personnel, Libraries and the Transformation of the Humanities, IMLS/NLG, 2011-2013, Illinois subaward, $146,684. PI, Sayeed Choudhury, JHU. Co-PIs, Greg Crane, Tufts; Allen H. Renear, University of Illinois.

Key Personnel, Open Annotation Collaboration Phase II: Demonstration and Refinement, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 2011-2012, $673,944. PI, Tim Cole, Co-PIs, Jane Hunter, Queensland; Doug Reside, Maryland Institute for the Humanities, University of Maryland; Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos.

Co-PI, Developing a Prototype for the Digital Public Library of America, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 2011. $45,884. PI, Rachel Frick, Digital Library Federation/CLIR

PI, Data Curation Education in Research Centers, IMLS/LB, 2010-2014, $988,543. Co-PIs, Mary Marlino, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Carol Tenopir and Suzie Allard, University of Tennessee.

PI, Advancing the IMLS DCC to Promote Our Collective Cultural Heritage, IMLS/NLG, 2010-2013, $688,493. Co-PIs, Tim Cole, Miles Efron, Tom Habing, and Sarah Shreeves, University of Illinois.

Co-PI, Data Conservancy, NSF/OCI, 2009-2012. Awarded at $20,000,000. PI, Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University. Illinois subaward, $1,189,885.

PI, Next Generation Digital Federations: Adding Value through Collection Evaluation, Metadata Relations, and Strategic Scaling, IMLS/NLG, 2007-2010, $975,903. Co-PIs, Allen H. Renear, Mike Twidale, Tim Cole, Sarah Shreeves, and Bill Mischo.

Co-PI, Centuries of Knowledge: Data Curation Educational Program, IMLS/LB, 2006-2009. PI, Bryan Heidorn, Co-PIs, Linda C. Smith and John Unsworth, $852,503.

PI, Graduate Program for Scientific Information Specialists: Getting Past the Prototype in Biological Informatics, NSF/IIS/Collaborative Systems, 2006-2009, $249,189. Co-PI, Bryan Heidorn.

Co-PI, IMLS Collection Registry & Metadata Repository, IMLS, 2002-2007, $839,303. PI, Tim Cole.

PI, Information Work and Discovery Potentials in Neuroscience Research, NSF/CISE/DST, 2002-2006, $346,870.

Selected Publications

Palmer, Carole L., Weber, Nic, Throgmorton, Kaitlin, & Norlander, Bree. (February, 2021). Public libraries and open government data: Partnerships for progress. Library Journal.

Choudhury, Sayeed, Huang, Caihong, & Palmer, Carole L. (2020). Updating the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model. 15th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC), February 17-20, 2020, Dublin, Ireland. [Under review for International Journal of Digital Curation, 15(1), with conference postprint available at]

Throgmorton, Kaitlin Fender, Norlander, Bree, & Palmer, Carole L. (2020). Open data in public libraries: Gauging activities and supporting ambitions. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 57(1).

Yan, An, Huang, Caihong, Lee, Jian-Sin, & Palmer, Carole L. (2020). Cross-disciplinary data practices in Earth System Science: Aligning services with reuse and reproducibility priorities. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 57(1). Best Long Paper Award.

Thomer, Andrea, Wickett, Karen, Baker, Karen S., Fouke, Bruce, & Palmer, Carole L. (2018). Documenting provenance in non-computational workflows: Development of Research Process Models through a case study of geobiology research in Yellowstone National Park. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 69(10), 1234-1245.

Palmer, Carole L., & Fenlon, Katrina. (2017). Information research on interdisciplinarity. In Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity, 2nd edition, edited by Robert Frodeman, Julie Thompson Klein, and Roberto Carlos Dos Santos Pacheco. New York, Oxford University Press.

Palmer, Carole L., Thomer, Andrea, Baker, Karen S., Wickett, Karen M., Hendrix, Christie L., Rodman, Ann, Sigler, Stacey, Fouke, Bruce W. (2017). Site-based data curation based on hot spring geobiology. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0172090.

Chao, Tiffany C., Cragin, Melissa H., & Palmer, Carole L. (2015). Data Practices and Curation Vocabulary (DPCVocab): An empirically derived framework of scientific data practices and curatorial processes. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 66(3), 616–633.

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