Carole Palmer

Selected Highlights

Recent Funded Grant Proposals

Co-PI, Qualitative Data Repository, NSF/SES, 2016-2018. PI, Colin Elman, Syracuse University.

PI, Open Data for Public Good: Data Literacy for Public Information Professionals, IMLS/LB21, 2016-2019, $690,858. Co-PI, Nic Weber, University of Washington.

PI, Site-Based Data Curation for Small Science, IMLS/NLG, 2012-2014, $499,919. Co-PIs, Bruce Fouke, University of Illinois; Sayeed Choudhury, JHU; Ann Rodman, Yellowstone National Park.

PI, Data Curation Education in Research Centers, IMLS/LB, 2010-2014, $988,543. Co-PIs, Mary Marlino, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Carol Tenopir and Suzie Allard, University of Tennessee.

Recent Publications

Journal and conference papers (peer reviewed)

Thomer, Andrea, Wickett, Karen, Baker, Karen S., Fouke, Bruce, & Palmer, Carole L. (accepted). Documenting provenance in non-computational workflows: Development of Research Process Models through case study of geobiology research in Yellowstone National Park. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

Palmer, Carole L., Thomer, Andrea, Baker, Karen S., Wickett, Karen M., Hendrix, Christie L., Rodman, Ann, Sigler, Stacey, Fouke, Bruce W. (2017). Site-based data curation based on hot spring geobiology. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0172090.

Chao, Tiffany C., Cragin, Melissa H., & Palmer, Carole L. (2015). Data Practices and Curation Vocabulary (DPCVocab): An empirically derived framework of scientific data practices and curatorial processes. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology.

Palmer, Carole L., Thompson, Cheryl A., Baker, Karen S., & Senseney, Megan. (2014). Meeting data workforce needs: Indicators based on recent data curation placements. iConference, March 4-7, 2014, Berlin, Germany.

Palmer, Carole L., Weber, Nicholas M., Muñoz, Trevor, & Renear, Allen H. (2013). Foundations of data curation: The pedagogy and practice of ‘purposeful work’ with research data. Archive Journal, 3.

Palmer, Carole L., Weber, Nicholas M., & Cragin, Melissa H. (2011). The analytic potential of scientific data: Understanding re-use potential. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 48(1).

Palmer, Carole L., Zavalina, Oksana, & Fenlon, Katrina. (2010). Beyond size and search: Building contextual mass in aggregations for scholarly use. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 47(1).

Cragin, Melissa H., Palmer, Carole L., Carlson, Jacob R., & Witt, Michael. (2010). Data sharing, small science, and institutional repositories. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 368(1926), 4023-4038.

Renear, Allen H., & Palmer, Carole L. (2009). Strategic reading, ontologies, and the future of scientific publishing. Science, 325(5942), 828-832.

Books, chapters, and articles

Palmer, Carole L. (2017). Information research on interdisciplinarity. In Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity, 2nd edition, edited by Robert Frodeman, Julie Thompson Klein, and Roberto Carlos Dos Santos Pacheco. New York, Oxford University Press.

Short papers, posters, and abstracts (peer reviewed)

Thomer, Andrea & Palmer, Carole L. (2017) Supporting geoinformatics with site-based data curation: Development of a collaborative and interdisciplinary information framework. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, October 22-25, Seattle, Washington.

Palmer, Carole L. & Johnson, Tom. (2017). An educational workbench for data curation. 7th National Data Service Consortium Workshop, April 13-14, Chicago, IL.

Palmer, Carole L., Thompson, Cheryl A., Mayernik, Matthew S., Williams, Valerie, & Allard, Suzie. (2014). Data Curation Education in Research Centers: Formative evaluation results from 2012-2013 cohorts. 9th International Digital Curation Conference, February 24-27, 2014, San Francisco, CA.

Palmer, Carole L., Choudhury, G. Sayeed, & Thomer, Andrea K. (2013). Data sharing as a “broader impact”: Results from the Site-Based Data Curation Project at Yellowstone National Park. Research Data Alliance, Second Plenary Meeting, September 16-18, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Selected Presentations

Skills, expertise, and competencies. IMLS Focus: Positioning Library Information Science Graduate Programs for 21st Century Practice, November 7, 2017, Columbia, SC. (With Jane Greenberg, Julie Todara, and Kevin Watson).

Preserving principles and transforming practice: LIS for the data age. 2017 ACRL Washington & Oregon Joint Conference, October 19-20, Eatonville, WA.

Retaining the richness of research data. Earth data science in the era of big data computers, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources (BESR). National Academy of Sciences, April 29, 2015, Washington, D.C.

Realizing the potential of research data. Coalition for Networked Information, April 14, 2015, Seattle, WA.

Fostering interdisciplinary science through data curation: Geobiology at Yellowstone National Park as exemplar. 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, October 6-8, 2014, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, WY. (Presenter: Bruce W. Fouke; co-authors: Andrea K. Thomer, Bruce W. Fouke, Timothy DiLauro, Sean Gordon, and Christie Hendrix).

Fueling and transforming evidential cultures of research. Research Data Alliance, Second Plenary Meeting, September 16, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Priorities for data curation education: Data center partnerships & long-tail science. Microsoft eScience Workshop, October 9, 2012, Chicago, IL.