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Photo of John Webster at Alishan Park, Taiwan



Welcome to my website. This site is meant for undergraduates, potential participants in the various programs with which I am involved, and students and scholars interested in the new field of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


Anja, and now Reiya(!), Update

Granddaughter Anja turned 5 years old on the first of April, 2011, and on August 9, 2010, she became the older sister of brand new Reiya!

And here, four months later, are Anja and Reiya sitting (sort of) side by side:


I visited Anja in Taipei in June of 2009 (and returned early in 2011!). Here she is looking intently at the ducks in a lotus pond. We were in Ilan at a bed and breakfast, on our way to Taipingshan National Park.


Anja with two instant friends--two young women who wanted their pictures taken with her. She is helpfully holding up three fingers to signify how old she is (though she was actually 4); her friends are evidently younger than she (!).


Here is Anja the future movie star, walking with her new caterpillar pull toy in Taitung.