Brainy Screen Savers
Jazz up your computer screen with a BRAINY SCREEN SAVER! It's easy to change your screen saver and we have eight "BRAINY" ones for you to use.

Follow these steps to use these new screen savers (for Windows only):

  1. Download these brainy screen savers. This is a zip file called

  2. After you download the file, you must "unzip" the file using a program such as Winzip. Make sure you note where the files are on your hard drive.

  3. Once unzipped, the files must be placed in the c:/windows/system directory of your computer. There are eight separate screensavers:

    brain1.scrLateral view; "Brain Bounce"
    brain2.scr Lateral view; "Flying Brains"
    brain3.scr Lateral view; "Brain Bounce" with "Neuroscience for Kids" scrolling text
    brain4.scr Top view; "Flying Brains"
    brain5.scrMRI; "Brain Bounce"
    brain6.scrSagittal view; "Brain Bounce"
    brain7.scr Sagittal view; "Flying Brains"
    brain8.scrTop View; "Brain Bounce"

  4. To use one of these screen savers on your computer:

    1. Click on "Start."
    2. Select "Settings," then "Control Panel."
    3. Double click on "Display."
    4. Click on "Screen Saver."
    5. Choose a brain screen saver from the Screen Saver selection window.
    6. Select "Preview" to see what the screen saver will look like.
    7. When you have found one you like, click on "OK."

These screen savers should be free of computer viruses. However, it is always a good practice to check for computer viruses in all files you download from the Internet.


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