Frequently Asked Questions About Neuroscience for Kids


  1. Neuroscience for Kids has so much information! Where do I start and how do I find information?

    First, you have to decide what you need. Are you looking for experiments to do? Are you working on a paper or report?

    To find information on a particular topic, you can search the entire Neuroscience for Kids site using the search engine. Just type in a word or phrase and the search engine will find the pages with the word or phrase.

    The site has been divided into several main parts on the Table of Contents. If you want to browse specific neuroscience topics, go to Explore the Nervous System. Experiments and Activities are found on a separate page.

  2. What should I do for a science fair project?

    You will have to decide on a project yourself. However, ideas and basic tools for a science fair project can be found on the Experiments and Activities page. There is also a page called Successful Science Fair Projects that should help you with your project.

  3. I am a 6th grade science teacher and would like to do some class experiments on the nervous system. Do you have anything I can use?

    Yes! There are many experiments, demonstrations, activities and worksheets on the site. Start with the Experiments and Activities page. There are also inquiry-based experiments complete with student and teacher guides.

  4. What if I can't find the answer to my question about the brain?

    First, check the Neuroscience Network question/answer page to see if your question has been asked by someone else. If you still can't find the answer, send it into the network to get an answer.

  5. My father/mother/sister/brother/friend has _________ (fill in the symptoms), what disease is it and what should I do?

    We cannot diagnose an illness or give you medical advice. Feel free to ask questions related to particular disorders and diseases, but please see a physician if you have any personal health concerns.

  6. Can I link to Neuroscience for Kids from a web page I am making?

    Yes, feel free to link to Neuroscience for Kids from your web page. The best URL to use is:

  7. Can I use the images on Neuroscience for Kids for my project?

    Although many of the images belong to Neuroscience for Kids, other images on Neuroscience for Kids are modified from royalty-free clip art libraries that have been purchased. Some images on the site are being used with the permission of other people. Therefore, before using an image for your project, please contact Dr. Chudler by e-mail at

  8. I don't like Neuroscience for Kids! Can't you do any better?

    It is impossible to please all of the people, all of the time. We are doing the best we can and the site is updated regularly. We certainly welcome your suggestions to make the site better.

  9. Who is responsible for the material on Neuroscience for Kids?

    Neuroscience for Kids was started in 1996 by Eric H. Chudler, Ph.D. Dr. Chudler received a Science Education Partnership Award from the National Center for Research Resources to work with science teachers to create the materials on Neuroscience for Kids. For more information about the people involved with Neuroscience for Kids, please see: "Who is Neuroscience for Kids."

  10. I need to cite your web site in my bibliography. How do I do it?

    You can use: Neuroscience for Kids,, last updated on XXXXX. Change the "XXXXX" to the date listed at the bottom of this page.

    If you need an author for your bibliography, you can use my name: Eric H. Chudler.

  11. I really like Neuroscience for Kids and use it all the time! How can I help?

    Funding for Neuroscience for Kids is over and it is not known how much longer we can continue to update the web site. You can help keep Neuroscience for Kids going by making a donation. All contributions are tax deductible (subject to IRS regulations).

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