2002 Neuroscience for Kids
Writing Contest

The results of the Neuroscience for Kids Writing contest are in! We received 726 poems from students in kindergarten though grade 12. Most of the poems were from students in grades 4 through 8.

To judge the contest, Dr. Eric Chudler read all 726 poems and selected 20 poems from each grade category (Kindergarten-Grade 2; Grade 3-Grade 5; Grade 6-Grade 8; Grade 9-12). Twelve judges (6 neuroscientists, 3 teachers, 1 fifth grade student, 1 local PTA Board member, 1 University of Washington staff member) read these selected finalists and chose up to 10 of their favorites. The judges' scores were then tallied and the poems that received the most votes were declared winners.

Below is a list of the winners and a few samples of their poems. Winners were awarded a book (including those from Capstone Press, Millbrook Press, Copper Beech Books and Twenty-First Century Book) related to neuroscience.

Kindergarten through Grade 2 (poem; any style)
From Steven J., a second grader in Phoenix, AZ:
The brain is strong,
The brain is smart,
The brain is the most important part.
From Christopher T., a second grader in Minden, LA:
My brain is a mystery
but it helps me with my history.
My brain helps me to learn
and it tells me when to turn.
With my brain I can learn technology
or I can learn biology.
It helps me see the light
and I know when it's night.
Grade 3 to Grade 5 (poem; must rhyme)
From Troy T., a third grader in N. Charleston, SC:
Cerebellum controls the way you stand,
It also controls a ball in your hand.
Neurons are very fast.
Messages to your brain they blast.
Skulls are hard,
Unless they're jarred.
The cranium is very hard,
It will save you in your yard.
The cerebrum helps remember the past
So happy times will always last.
From Nereyda H., a fourth grader in College Place, WA:
You help me think
You help me speak
You do my homework
Every week.
Grade 6 to Grade 8 (must be a limerick)
From Mariah H., an eighth grader in Chuckey, TN:
I have a 3lb mass up top
Where all my input goes, nonstop
I use it all day
I'm trying to say
My brain is the best friend I've got!
From John M., a sixth grader in Loudonville, NY:
The organ that's known as the brain,
Is the center for pleasure and pain.
It controls the five senses,
And muscles to hop fences.
It's called el cerebro in Spain.
Grade 9 to Grade 12 (must be a haiku)
Jessie G., a tenth grader in St. Peters, MO:
Synapses sparking
Neurons connecting my thoughts
Understanding dawns.
Kaylee E., a ninth grader in Hattiesburg, MS:
We think that we know.
But, understanding the brain?
It's more than we think.

List of All Winners
Grade K-2 Grade 3-5 Grade 6-8 Grade 9-12
Mark B., Lynden, WA
Steven J., Phoenix, AZ
Hamlyn F., Lindenhurst, NY
Gentry F., Lindenhurst, NY
Cameron I., Marietta, GA
Leslie F., Moorestown, NJ
Kelsey B., Moorestown, NJ
Carlo R., Moorestown, NJ
Victoria M., Moorestown, NJ
Katie S., Moorestown, NJ
Thornton B., Stewartsville, NJ
Ben C., Moorestown, NJ
Alexander I., Moorestown, NJ
Mary B., Fairview Heights, IL
Donald T., Minden, LA
Christopher T., Minden, LA
Nereyda H., College Place, WA
Troy T., N. Charlestown, SC
Arif J., Hanahan, SC
Andrew R., Hanahan, SC
Brad R., Hanahan, SC
Alyssa D., Hanahan, SC
Alicyn B., Fort Worth, TX
Catherine D., Ringwood, NJ
Mariah H., Chuckey, TN
John M., Loudonville, NY
Jessie G., St. Peters, MO
Kaylee E., Hattiesburg, MS
Hunter S., Bruceton, TN

Your Brain
by Terri DeGezelle, Mankato (MN): Bridgestone Books, 2002
Your Senses
by Helen Frost, Mankato (MN): Pebble Books, 2000
101 Questions Your Brain Has Asked About Itself but Couldn't Answer ... Until Now
by Faith Hickman Brynie, Brookfield (CT): The Millbrook Press, 1998
Medicine's Brave New World by Margaret O. Hyde and John F. Setaro, Brookfield (CT): Twenty-First Century Books, 2001

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