Neuroscience for Kids
Drawing Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Neuroscience for Kids drawing contest. The last day to submit the drawings was February 1, 2001.

Students from Australia, Canada and the United States entered the contest and 382 drawings were received. Most of the drawings came from students in grade 3 through grade 8. All of the drawings were evaluated by Dr. Eric H. Chudler. He selected the finalists in the four age groups (Kindergarten - Grade 2; Grades 3 - 5; Grades 6 - 8; Grades 9 - 12). After the finalists were selected, a panel of judges met on February 6, 2001. The judges viewed all of the finalists and voted for the winners.

The Judges at Work
The winners were notified either by e-mail or regular mail in February. Prizes were also mailed to winners in February.

List of Winners
Grade K-2 Grade 3-5 Grade 6-8 Grade 9-12
Ally R., Norcross, GA
Toby C., Erick, Ok
Shea C., Erick, OK
Guido G., Tampa, FL
Alison M., Chesterfield, MO
Savanah M., Chesterfield, MO
Melissa B., Poulsbo, WA
Lingga A., Laramie, WY
Amaris G., St. Louis, MO
Maya M., Rochester, NY
Erin M., Glen Cove, NY
Josh S., Chesterfield, MO
Isabelle G., Bethesda, MD
Colton R., Newman Lake, WA
Kelly E., Austin, TX
Kristin, Austin, TX
Amber, Austin, TX
Alex, Austin, TX
Alexandra B., Chesterfield, MO
Elise L., Chesterfield, MO
Billy E., Chesterfield, MO
Widya A., Laramie, WY
Lawrence L., Chesterfield, MO
Alexa R., Quebec, Canada
Marie-Christine, Quebec, Canada
Tara M., Omaha, NE
Callie, M.
Jessica L., Pittston, PA
Carlie M., Hattiesburg, MS

A few of the winning drawings
K - Grade 2: My brain is important because_____..
Grade 3 - Grade 5: Brain Fitness: Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy
Grade 6 - Grade 8: My brain is like a _______ because _________...
Grade 9 - Grade 12: How has brain research helped people?

We thank the following companies for donating the prize books and CD-ROM:

Capstone Press

Millbrook Press


Usborne Books at Home

Questions about this contest should be directed to Dr. Chudler at

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