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Clark F. Olson - CSS 497

If you are interested in taking CSS 497 with Prof. Olson as your advisor:
  • Make sure you are ready: CSS 497 has several prerequisities - CSS 301, 342, 343, 350, 360, 370, 422, 430 and a minimum of 10 credits of CSS elective courses.
  • Make sure that Prof. Olson is the right advisor for you. I rarely advise students who have not taken a course with me. You are probably better off with a professor who knows you.
  • If you are interested in research, it nearly mandatory to have taken CSS 487.
  • If you are performing a project of any sort (anything other than a sponsored industry internship), I require the internship to be split over (at least) two quarters.
  • Attend at least one CSS colloquium prior to your presentation. If you plan on completing a sponsored internship in one quarter, this requires planning ahead. See the schedule.
  • E-mail me (cfolson AT uw DOT edu) to make sure that I am available and a good fit for your project.
  • If everything above is satisfactory, e-mail me a soft-copy of your contract (see notes below). We may need to iterate on it until we are both satisfied.
  • Do not wait until too late. Deadlines for submitting contracts can be found at: http://www.uwb.edu/bscsse/capstone/student-guide/deadline

Notes for writing your contact:

  • The contract can be found at: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/css/forms
  • Your contract must be well-written. If you have a sponsored internship, it should include your organization, what they do, what product you are working on, and (specifically) what you are doing with it. Other projects should include similar details.
  • Incorporate your answers into the Word document, not in a separate sheet. All pages must be typed and submitted (to me) electronically.
  • You must use CR/NC grading.
  • Use a title that describes what you will be doing, not a company name or a job title.
  • For item 6 (project plan), you must include a schedule with deliverables. It is not mandatory that you meet the schedule precisely, but you should have a plan before you start. Your plan should encompass 400 hours of work.
  • For item 7 (method and criteria for evaluation), you must include:
    1. Deliverables to your sponsor.
    2. Regular status reports - weekly for a one-quarter internship (sponsored only), every other week for a two-quarter internship.
    3. Colloquium slides + poster (drafts submitted to me 1 week prior to the colloquium).
    4. Abstract (PDF form here) signed by sponsor/advisor prior to colloquium.
    5. Successful completion of the CSS colloquium.
  • Please also refer to the guidelines at: http://courses.washington.edu/css497/.

During your internship:

  • Your progress reports should summarize what you have done since the previous report and include your plans and any potential roadblocks. No formal structure is necessary. A couple of paragraphs is sufficient. Submit these by e-mail. If you are meeting with me regularly for research, an e-mailed progress report is not necessary.

Notes for the colloquium:

  • Practice your presentation more than once beforehand. Ten minutes is not much time. Make sure you can fit into the time allotment. I will hold a practice session, if you want.
  • Guidelines for the poster and presentation can be found here.